Wednesday, May 18, 2011

M + M + T FAMILY SESSION .:. Elk Rock Island Park .:. Portland Oregon

This photo session had an unexpected location change... like only an hour from the time we were supposed to meet! When looking up the address to the Rhododendron Garden I discovered that our original location required permission/appointments to do photos....SO they had a great idea, Elk Rock Island Park.  I had never been there before... actually, I had never even heard of it! But I'm SO glad we went!

Part of me loves locations that I have used time and time again, because they are beautiful, AND I can go there with ideas in my mind about what we are going to do and poses we are going to use, but many of those locations I am also getting a bit sick of.  Going to a new place is a little scary because there is pressure to come up with ideas on the spot, HOWEVER its also a lot of fun, and keeps you creative!

Unfortunately, we couldn't actually get onto the island, but were able to take a bunch of pictures on the riverside. In the summer the water will be lower and you can actually go onto the island. I googled some pictures and it looks AMAZING.  (you can see below the island in front of them!) I hope to come back and to the island when the water level lowers! :)

This family was so fun to photograph. You could tell right away little T was the apple (or cherry) of their eye, and that she had brought so much to their new little family! It was especially fun watching all the baby "moves" her Daddy has come up with, and how much she loved his antics and balancing routines ;)

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